Average income of Doctors in germany

Doctor salaries in Germany vary a lot depending on qualifications and experience. Here information from 2018.

After the Medical terminology exam – Doctors typically earn €2500 Net..(which can be increased to net €3400 by doing additional duties – like night shift etc..) while preparing for the Approbiation (final licence exam -which they need to pass in 2 years).

Then they go to work as assistant doctors in a hospital.

In Hospitals: Doctors earn on average

PositionAverage Income in Euro
Head Physician100.000 – 280.000 
Assistent Medical Director100.000 – 130.000 
Specialist65.000 – 85.000 
Assistent Doctor48.000 – 55.000 


Own Clinic : This can only be opened after a number of years practice in a hospital and a large amount of experience. This is an income list for Specialist Doctors with the own clinics:

SpecialisationIncome in Euro
Eye Doctor370.000 
Orthopedic Specialist311.000 
General Practitioner227.000 
Childrens Doctor /Pediatrist228.000 
Neurologist/ Psychiatrist180.000 


To become a Specialist

Once a Doctor has their licence they can submit any specialist qualifications that they have from abroad and see what the Germany Doctors Association recognizes of this – so if a foreign pediatrician wants to get their qualifications recognized in germany they can only do so at this stage.

Information Source: Destatis (Statistisches Bundesamt)