The application process for the Doctors Program

In Mauritius

You will receive a checklist of documents that will be required to apply for the medical work permit in Germany.

  • We will check your documents and advise you if you are eligible for the IDP program.
  • You will get an offer letter showing all fees involved.
  • Register for the IDP program and submit the required documents.
  • We willl arrange for the translation of your documents into German by a certified translator and send them to the German Ministry.
  • You then get a German State government confirmation of your acceptance - this shows what you need to do once you are in Germany
  • You will apply for a visa for professionals to Germany.
  • You can start your basic German course with us in Mauritius or do the full course from Germany.


 In Germany

  • After arrival in Germany, the German school (ISL) will submit your application for German Government Funding for you. (Please ask for us detailed Information on this).
  • German language course in super-intensive format up to C1 level
  • TELC B2 and TestDaF or Telc C1 exam at ISL
  • After passing the Telc B2 exam: Registration for the medical language exam (FSP - Fachsprachenprüfung) - it will take around 3-4 months to get an appointment for the exam. In the meantime you will do your C1 level and the preparation course for FSP.
  • Preparation for medical language exam (ISL runs this course in the school 4 times per year)
  • Medical language exam with the German Medical Council in Mainz.
  • The medical language exam consists of a doctor – patient conversation and a doctor – doctor conversation. The exam can be repeated as often as you want.
  • Application for professional license in Germany.
  • Non EU Doctors work for 2 years in a Hospital as assistant Doctors and then do their Approbation exam giving them the full Licence.
  • Eu Qualified Doctors do not need this 2 year work process - they immediatley receive their full Licence after the medical language exam.
  • After you hold your full license in Germany, you start your specialization. The specialization will be done parallel to your work and it will take around 5 years. At the end of the specialization course there will be an exam in the Medical Council who is the awarding body for specializations.


It is not possible to list all the steps in this process here. Our team will guide each Doctor individually through the process.