The application process for the Medical Program

In Mauritius

You will receive a checklist of documents that will be required to apply for the medical work permit in Germany.

  • We will check your documents and advise you if you are eligible to join the medical program and receive the sponship offered by the German authorities.
  • You will get an offer letter showing all fees involved.
  • Register for the medical program and submit the required documents.
  • We will arrange for the translation of your documents into German by a certified translator and send them to the German Ministry responsible for the professional license.
  • You then get a German State government confirmation of your acceptance - this shows what you need to do once you are in Germany.
  • You will apply for a visa for the recognition of your professional degree in Germany.
  • You will start your basic German course with us in Mauritius and do the higher levels in Germany.


In Germany

  • After arrival in Germany, the German school (ISL) will submit your application for German Government Funding for you. (Please ask for us detailed information on this).
  • German language course in super-intensive format up to C1 level
  • TELC B2  exam at ISL
  • Preparation for medical / dental language exam
  • Medical / dental language exam with the German Medical / Dental Council in Mainz
  • After passing the medical / dental German language exam:
    • Non EU doctors / dentists will receive their first professional license allowing them to work for 2 years in a hospital as assistant doctors /dentists and within the 2 years do their approbation exam giving them the full licence.
    • Eu Qualified Doctors / dentists do not need this 2 year work process - they immediatley receive their full licence (approbation) after the medical / dental German language exam.
  • After you hold your full license in Germany, you start your specialization. The specialization will be done parallel to your work and it will take around 4 - 5 years. At the end of the specialization course there will be an exam in the Medical / Dental Council who is the awarding body for specializations.


It is not possible to list all the steps in this process here. Our team will guide each doctor / dentist individually through the process.